Lynne McCarthy
Lynne McCarthy

The expressive arts are powerful and mysterious.  As women artists we are lovers of art – dancing, drawing, sculpting, writing, music making and more.  Art is our practice, a way to translate and transform life experience.  Making art we connect deeply with self and other.  We step into life more creatively, more fully, and more embodied.  Women On Art is designed for women open to this exploration and for men who understand and appreciate the vital role of the feminine in their lives.  I'm delighted to have you here.  Welcome aboard!

Lynne - I've been fortunate to work in clay for the past 28 years.  Sculpting's been my passion. Exploring the feminine form my focus.  My interest in photography and sacred poetry grows.  I've also enjoyed a career in the exercise sciences, but am happy to place my attention here today -

Women On Art was created to be both informational and interactive.  The blog portion of the site will include regular posts by me and periodic posts by various guest artists.  The galleries represent both ceramic sculpture and wheel thrown vessels.


photo and poem by lynne mccarthy

photo and poem by lynne mccarthy

Garden Bed

Showers shed and
Blanket bed
With honey dew
As rest my head and
Blossom whole
My soul,
Come home to You
Like rose
Of red
That grow from
Tender bud
As nourish and fed,
That open petals
To sun,
Receive Thy
Splendid Love,
And become One -
Oh, Holy Garden Bed!